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Talk is Cheap and candidate Amanda Chase is full of it. Couple things worth considering.

Updated: May 8

Couple things worth considering. One: Does Amanda want to be a Senator or a Governor? At this time that is not clear. Noteable drama recently around Chase is she went scorched earth on the VA senate, a parking attendant, and pulled the heat out during a road rage incident live on air. Two: Apparently Chase didn’t get the memo cannabis is helpful not harmful. Spent time out of her busy schedule to demonize its use. Amongst real issues that actually affect people and with the modern decriminalization she got it wrong. It would be great to see her reverse her position on this issue. Until that a HARD NO at the ballot box for bong tokers.

Amanda Chase's comments from her speech “America First” Rally:

Upon her announcement “I am the front runner in Virginia” it became the Amanda Chase show and this comment comes off as self-proclaimed.

“Why are you in Florida?” she says to the crowd. Yes, that would be my question as well considering how many problems Virginia leadership is having. My next question: Does Amanda Chase care about Virginia? Sure doesn’t look like it.

“I want Virginia to look like Florida” Chase says. Hopefully she stopped off the campaign trail to light up a doobie or two while in Florida and then maybe she could realize what Florida is all about.

“Because our Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, are a complete embarrassment to my home state of Virginia” How is complaining to people in Florida helping and how does this effect most people in Florida. More checks getting cashed with her mouth with little or no plan to back it up on a lot of issues. This could be the use of "game theory" but we will leave the tinfoil hats off for this one. If Amanda Chase successfully pulls the rabbit out of the hat we can revisit this.

Amanda Chase goes on to say “I would like to remind Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Marxists Tyrants that we the people are in charge of this country and they are not.” Ok, well if that’s the case no one smoke any weed because Chase has some false underlying beliefs. But, this is just more hot air from Chase unloading on the Democrats. But, the Democrats actually are in control at this very moment voted in by “we the people” VA and DC. Joe Biden also claims to be “we the people” so things are getting complicated.

“Friends, to this day my president is Donald J. Trump and and I will not apologize.” She said. If the election really was stolen it was stolen on her watch so right there a huge problem. Not to mention after this many years in government the plan was let them steal the election and then complain about it. Not buying the Amanda Chase story here at all.

Amanda Chase went on to say “I have issued legislation saying you can not force anyone to get a mandated vaccine. “ This is one she got right.

Is the Amanda Chase show over? will it go on until November and can she beat the democrats at the ballot box? Virginians will find out May 8, 2021 as the delegate votes come in from around Virginia to choose the Republican nominee for Virginia Governor the highest office of the land.

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