• Bobby Woods

Republicans take aim at Virginia Parole Board issues [VIDEO]

Another tough topic of the candidate forum was on investigating the parole board candidates backing that. Kirk Kox taking it a step further promising to fire the board day 1 in office.

De La Pena “The parole board broke the law and now they should be held accountable.”

Youngkin “Terry McAuliffe appointed Adrianne Bennett and Northam watched.”

Chase “We need to recall Adrianne Bennett…She should not be allowed to serve as a judge.”

Doran “The emails that were released the internal communications of the parole board…It was a very troubling thing.”

Cox “Think about the parole board and what the parole board has done let out 8 or 9 murders…I will fire the board first day in office.”

Judge Adrianne Bennett, as chairwoman of the Virginia Parole Board, unilaterally released more than 100 parolees from Virginia Department of Corrections supervision in violation of long-standing rules, according to records obtained by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The criteria she used to make her decisions are unclear.

Among those released was Anthony Anderson, who was sentenced in 1985 to two life terms plus 85 years for a series of crimes he committed in 1984 at age 16. He’d been convicted with other teens of killing a corrections officer inside the Richmond Jail during a failed escape, fatally shooting a Palestinian immigrant in an aborted robbery, raping a nurse in South Richmond and robbing two Chesterfield County businesses.

Adrianne Bennett, the former state parole board chair, now serves as a judge.

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