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Nominees Speak at Candidate Forum 2021 VA primary.

Updated: Apr 29

Republican nominee sen. Amanda Chase got the most crowd response from roughly 100 conservative voters viewing the forum live. “The first thing I would do is completely eliminate all of the executive orders…” Chase said. Chase went on to say “the 2020 election was stolen.” "I don't do covid" Chase said.

Glenn Youngkin swings at republicans. “What the Republican Party has done for the last 12 years is figure out how to loose” said Youngkin. Then he goes on to lecture the crowd “Virginia has forgot how to compete for our kids future.” Rattling off his pre-thought out catch phrases.” Then went on about 1 million employed through investment group but isn’t clear if they are Americans foreigners or both. Youngkin cites only 5% of groups investment is in China. Carlyle Group invests in foreign countries according to a map on groups current website. It's not clear if Youngkin is being totally transparent about this.

Kirk Cox rallies the crowd for results but does he have what it takes? Terry McAuliffe said “the reason I’m running again is because the republican legislator blocked everything I did.” Cox went on to say “I was the majority leader and we were the ones who defeated the bills.” Cox also touched on critical race theory “it is very detrimental.”

Sergio De La Pena goes over his experience in the Army as a senior military officer. Sergio said “using the military as a hammer in a dramatic way. “Yeah, I know how to do that.” Sergio working as Depty assistant secretary of defense for the Trump administration said “you get into the area of using diplomatic tools” Then he went on to say “ Just because I’m apolitical doesn’t mean I don’t understand politics.“

The details of Doran’s Virginian utopia did not surface. Doran references his vision for Virginia yet again and trails off into jabbing Terry McAuliffe. Then wraps up by saying “well if I beat Putin I can beat Terry McAuliffe.”

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