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Marijuana was a banned plant medicine states laws now being reversed.

It's time to release the stigma. It's time to forget everything grandma, grandpa, mom and dad all told you growing up anout how bad this plant is. When used responsibly and for medicinal purposes it poses to serve more as a better means of healing than modern day pharmaceuticals.

There is a laundry list of reasons why we have all been taught false information regarding this particular plant because the implementation of it into our society would require many industries to change forever.

During the industrial revolution and building of Industrial America, the paper industry companies had the monopolies and were not going to give them up to Hemp producers.

Hemp was scheduled and general use was outlawed because of the impact it would have on these paper industries and its textile and medicinal uses were outlawed.

It wasn't until recently that it's medicinal properties were released to the general public in the United States and in fact cancer researchers in many other countries have known of its benefits for a long time.

Case in point, here is the patent. Take a look at the date.

Many other countries have medical professionals that have had tremendous success treating a variety of ailments with cannabis. It is used to treat patients who suffer from seizures. Doctors have unmatched results using CBD and THC extracts to curb the symptoms of degenerative diseases such as ALS, and Parkinsons Disease.

Many states have begun to introduce the "Devil's Lettuce" into their towns like California, Colorado and soon to be Virginia. The process typically starts out where people need to get a medical use card from their doctors and can pick up their medications from a licensed medical dispensary. During this process there is blurred lines between legalities and dispensaries so they are closely monitored by law enforcement for paperwork and certifications. New dispensaries have extremely high license fees and costs.

After a year or two of wrapping itself up into red tape and loophole abuse and given enough time for the dust to settle the process usually ends with cannabis being fully legalized for recreational use.

This is usually unsettling for some because of the stigma that cannabis has been labeled a scheduled drug, and not a scheduled medication.

This product is a medication that has had great success with helping to cure cancer, and the war against this plant Is just misguided false information.

Learn more on medicinal cannabis.

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