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Look up this weekend at the night sky. Meteor shower sure to have spectacular views

Throughout the month of May, the eta Aquariids meteor shower, which comes from remnants of Halley's comet, will be visible from North America, according to the American Meteor Society, and will be visible from may 6th to may 7th.

It is expected to observe up to 40 meteorites per hour since the Moon will not affect it, so the expert recommends moving away from light pollution to an open space.

This astronomical phenomenon will take place from 3:30 a.m., when the constellation emerges completely in the southeast of the celestial vault, until 6:30 a.m. when the sun comes up.

Meteorites are stone, ice and/or metallic particles that are several centimeters in size, which pass through the atmosphere, leaving a trail lasting several seconds. This natural phenomenon is recorded thanks to the cosmic debris that a comet leaves in the Universe, as it passes through perihelion.

With increasing solar weather and Coronal Mass Ejections the sun has been flaring, activity tends to spark aurora borealis in our ionosphere and combined with a meteor shower, beginning tonight and into the early weekend you should add stargazing to your schedule this weekend for some stellar views.

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