• Bobby Woods

Largest State Party Convention EVER in American History. Republicans to choose nominee.

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May 08, 2021 - With over 53,000 registered delegates voting took place today for republicans to pick their gubernatorial nominee at roughly 39 satellite locations. At an “unassembled convention”, while Democrats have about a month to go until their primary. In Virginia, political parties decide whether to nominate their candidates via primary or convention. In 2021, the Virginia Republican Party chose to hold a statewide nominating convention. The Virginia Democratic Party chose to hold statewide primaries.

Commentary on the Republican convention focused on four candidates: Amanda Chase, Kirk Cox, Pete Snyder, and Glenn Youngkin. The Richmond Times-Dispatch's Mel Leonor described the convention as "a bellwether of the GOP's identity in the post-Trump era."[1] Virginia Scope's Brandon Jarvis wrote, "Amanda Chase and Pete Snyder have fully embraced the Trump voters and their talking points while Kirk Cox and Glenn Youngkin have moved towards the establishment and moderate voters."[2]

The last Republican to win the governorship was Bob McDonnell (R), elected in 2009. At the time of the convention, Democrats had won every statewide election in Virginia since 2012.,_2021_(May_8_Republican_convention)

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