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Gov Candidate "Reckless Amanda Chase"-ing the spotlight

Amanda Chase, current senator for the state of Virginia is a self proclaimed "Trump in Heels" who is in the campaign race for governor of the state of Virginia.

She is gaining some headway in the polls despite her failed attempt at gaining popularity in a string of lawsuits and public appearances that have put her under tight scrutiny of the press and watchful eye of the delegates of Virginia who will ultimately be deciding who is the best candidate to go up against the democrats in November on tje ballot.

Chase's news headlines have included the time she berated a security officer at a parking garage when the changed parking arrangements did not fit her agenda of parking closer to the office.

Amanda Chase openly opposes the legalization of marijuana and has made efforts to hide her comments on the subject as she knows the majority of Virginia voters are in support of legalization.

There is an audio telephone recording alledging Chase calling a constituent and leaving a voice mail discussing her distaste for the person on the other line and ending the conversation by calling her a "bitch"

Amanda Chase attacked state Sen. Jennifer McClellan earlier this month.

The remarks about state Sen. Jennifer McClellan came during a campaign event, which Chase said took place Monday night. A video clip was circulated online by Democratic super PAC American Bridge 21st Century.

“I support equal rights not special rights. You know, Sen. McClellan, she is the vice chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus. ... And I said she will not be a governor that supports everyone,” Chase said in an apparent reference to a similar attack on #McClellan last year.

Amanda Chase has self proclaimed herself the "Trump in Heels" and a "Conservative Christian" Yet, amanda has found herself under scrutiny with her endless list of public displays of attention. We need someone who will stand for the people of Virginia and unite them as Governor and so far most of the attention has been on her behavior, and not much focus on what she has accomplished for the people.

In a touchy topic she also vowed to remove "indigenous peoples day" once she was elected into office, claiming that

"No genocide on Native Americans ever took place"

Chase stated last year that rape victims were “naive and unprepared,” Coming from the standpoint of class, not all lower to middle class citizens can afford, nor qualify to carry a firearm. So Senetor Chases' solution to solve the rape problems of our society is to blame the victim for not carrying a gun?.

There is far right extremism and there is flat our disillusion. Not every person on in our country is mentally capable, willing or financially secure enough to afford a firearm and permit so to assume that its the solution to resolving such a delicate subject is irrational and dismissive.

She also wrote “It’s not over yet. So thankful President Trump has a backbone and refuses to concede" making reference to the allegations brought forward by Mike Lindell, claiming that Dominion Voting Systems rigged the 2020 Presidential elections and is now facing a countersuit for 1.3 Billion in damages.

"President Trump should declare martial law as recommended by General Flynn". Is another statement she made on the subject. We won't know anything until after the case is settled.

Amanda Chase is a foul mouthed, Trump supporting, career politician candidate who is unfit to run Virginia. She runs around with a loaded firearm on her side in private work settings where the majority of her colleagues are unarmed aside from the security team.

She berates security workers when she doesn't get her way and stomps her feet in a very Trump -Like manner. We are ready for real change in Virginia and we are strong in our beliefs that Amanda Chase simply doesn't have the experience or the mannerism to be the next elected Governor of Virginia.

Say "NO" to the "Trump in Heels"

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