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Glenn Youngkin REP secures nomination VA GOV flip-flops on election integrity.

May 10, Candidate Youngkin was declared the winner of a Republican drive-in convention held at 39 sites across the state.

During the 2021 gubernatorial race in picking the republican nominee for Virginia Governor candidates were all in this year. You got to give the people what they want and this year Glenn Youngkin is at the top of their list winning the GOP nomination in a close race.

As the race continues so does the partys nominee's stance on major issues with more controversy in the air waves.

During primary election

Youngkin has made "election integrity" a major issue in his campaign, calling for stronger laws for voter identification and verifying mail-in ballots. While courting Republican delegates prior to the convention, he repeatedly deflected questions about the legitimacy of Biden’s election by simply saying Biden was president because he had been inaugurated.

When grilled by another reporter on April 20th on his stance if fraud could have been determing factor in the Biden "win" election results.

"People absolutely continue not to have faith in the process," Youngkin replied.

Then post win

"I mean, the reality is, and I have said this before, Joe Biden was legitimately elected our president," Youngkin said. "He took the oath and was sworn in. He’s sleeping in the White House. He’s unfortunately signing executive order after executive order."

May 13 interview on fox news buisness

Did candidate Glen Youngin filp the script? Going from no comment and election integrity as a componet in his campaign. To where we are now "Joe Biden was legitimately elected our president," This appears to be the ole "bait and switch" tecnique.

Time will reveal the truth with access being given by certain countys nation wide to audit of the 2021 election campaign results. Transparency is a pre- requisite for a free and open society. Let the people do their job clearly if there is nothing to hide we can all celebrate that the vote counting system is fair and that the peoples voice was heard.

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