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Evergiven Container Mega Ship Confiscated by Egyptian Government

Last month a container ship, The "Evergiven" traveled the suez canal fully loaded with cargo. It then had a malfunction in its GPS remote steering mechanism and ran around blocking the entire shipping canal.

After blocking the canal and essentially disrupting 20% of the world's trade for almost two weeks it was unlocked from the each bank and was taken to an Egyptian port to be unloaded.

After much confusion and evacuations every night, the only ships allowed in the lake where the evergiven was parked were that of law enforcement, government and search and rescue boats.

There has been much speculation as to what cargo is on the containers, but what we have learned now is that the ship has been confiscated by Egyptian officials stating that they put a 2 week deadline on the return of the ship, only if a payment in the amount of $900 million was recieved to cover the cost of the interrupted international shipping traffic.

At one point during the congestion of the shipping lane there was a que of over 300 ship waiting in anchor to pass. One report also stated that some of the ships had time sensitive cargo and had also considered navigating the fleet of ships all the way around the African continent in the Atlantic Ocean just to unload.

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