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Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent moves Candy Shop to Houston cites COVID19 Restrictions and Taxes.

Rapper Curtis 50cent Jackson went on a rant this week on social media complaining of high taxes and announced that he has moved his private home to Houston, Texas. New York, just isn't cutting it.

The rapper and famous New Yorker took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce that he now lives in Houston. "I Love NY, but i live in Houston now i'll explain later," he wrote alongside a picture of himself standing outside of the Houston Astrodome while wearing a Houston Astros hat.

However, the hip hop star had already made it clear why he was planning to leave the Big Apple in March by responding to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s vow to lift mask mandates and other lockdown restrictions with the remark, “I’m headed to Texas fuck this.”

A survey conducted in September 2020 found that two in five New Yorkers wanted to leave the city, with the reasons cited being crime and public safety as well as the anemic post-COVID economic recovery.

Moving trucks became a common sight on the streets, with 2020 showing a 44% increase in home sales in the suburbs compared to the same time period in 2019 as people flee for bigger homes in safer areas.

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