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BLUE RIDGE ROCK FEST Danville Virginia September 2021

As we enter into the early days of May, every music lover from New York to Florida is getting excited about the summer festival concerts that seem to be moving forward this year despite Covid restrictions. For the last two years many large capacity gatherings have been banned in many states due to covid 19 restrictions on public gatherings.

Typically between April and May, this is considered the "World's Loudest Month" What this references is a series of concerts that take place over a 4 week period and stretch from Maine to Florida to Virginia. Several of the concerts have postponed their events until after covid but it appears that the show in Virginia must go on.

Since covid restrictions really haven't let up in most states, most of these festivals have been canceled but the great news for Virginia....the "Blue Ridge Rock Festival" is going to be booked thus year, the announcements for the lineups have already begun and tickets are already flying off the shelves.

Virginia is known for many things but two things that stand out is patriotism, and music. There is a ton of great bands on the roster this year and they have extended the duration from the usual 3 day weekend a four day festival.

Danville, Virginia is an unassuming farm town in Central Virginia and it may seem like it's in the middle of nowhere, surprisingly there is a lot of college towns nearby such as UVA and Liberty University.

Last year the BRRF tried to keep the festival going but unfortunately after aot of hard work, planning and scheduling....the event coordinators decided to pull the plug covid restrictions.

On the roster to return to Virginia is a group called "Hellzapoppin" Circus sideshow review. Many of the acts within the group have records on "Guinness Book of World Records" and have been featured in countless acts across the country. This group is making very notable waves in the touring industry playing full world tours with bands such as the Swedish Metal Band "Avatar" .

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