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Biden aims to tackle climate change and racial injustice, giant boost for science spending.

Updated: Apr 11

US President Joe Biden unveiled his first proposed budget on April 9th, and it signaled strong support for research and development. The spending plan would provide across-the-board increases in science funding and inject billions into the fights against COVID-19 and climate change.

Although short on detail, the budget proposal would raise core funding for research and development across nearly every major federal science agency, including historic increases to improve public health and battle racial injustices. In line with a US $2.3-trillion infrastructure proposal released by Biden on March 31, the budget puts a clear emphasis on applied research and development programs intended to make the United States healthier, cleaner and more competitive.

Can Joe Biden make good on his revolutionary climate agenda?

The document provides only a broad view of the president’s priorities: further details are expected in a more complete proposal in the coming weeks. And although the president’s budget request kicks off a discussion about how to allocate monies in the United States each year, it is Congress that ultimately controls the budget and decides how much to give research agencies.

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