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Arizona Audits 2020 Presidential Election Results

All eyes are on Maricopa County Arizona this week, as tight security, overseers and lawyers gathered away from the press where there is an audit taking place.

This audit is one of a kind and will very likely help to shape the truth to the unclear speculation and allegations we saw  during last years 2021  Presidential Election.

What am I referring too?

The allegations against Dominion Voting Systems claimed by Republicans & Trump supporters was that the election was stolen by the democrats. Allegations from Mike Lindel otherwise known as the "My Pillow Guy"  had surfaced and other big names such as Rudy Giuliani joined in claiming to have hard evidence that the company had been caught adding votes to swing the election.

This has been an ongoing fight between the democratic party and the GOP.  During the audit the democratic party sent in over 100 attorneys  to oversee the process who have been filing every thing they can to disrupt and stop the audit. This audit has already been through the Supreme Court system.

Federal monitors have also been sent out to the audit who have been lined up at the extra tables brought in and have been overseeing the entire operation. There are dozens of tables set up and auditors are going through every single ballot. They are utilizing many different ways to authenticate the ballots integrity. 

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