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Kurt Santini reflects on VA Gov. primary run and loss 2021 [WATCH]

Veteran Kurt Santini post game recap about his experience running as a candidate in the #virginia gubernatorial race and his loss with Glenn Younkin securing the republican nomination. Neptune's Holding Cell gets the debrief and Kurts view on some controversial topics. Everything from internet censorship, to cannabis, and conspiracy theories. #podcast #podcastlife #podcastshow #politics #conservative #trends #virginia

Talk is Cheap and candidate Amanda Chase is full of it. Couple things worth considering.

Couple things worth considering. One: Does Amanda want to be a Senator or a Governor? At this time that is not clear. Noteable drama recently around Chase is she went scorched earth on the VA senate, a parking attendant, and pulled the heat out during a road rage incident live on air. Two: Apparently Chase didn’t get the memo cannabis is helpful not harmful. Spent time out of her busy schedule to demonize its use. Amongst real issues that actually affect people and with th

[WATCH] Kirk Cox demand people take the unproven COVID-19 vaccine

Kirk Cox on camera from many different news casts repeditly offering the vaccine solutions. Then on a zoom call Glenn Youngkin (who has ties to CFR) becomes the Kirk Cox hype man. Could Youngkin be rallying Cox becuse he is using his platform to shill the covid-19 vaccinations? Dr. Mercola offers his oppinion on the vax drama and another PHD from Canada also makes a statement. Tax & Fee Hikes On Hardworking Virginians • In 2013, Cox, a self-described tax-cutting conservativ

[Watch] Glenn Youngkin shills pandemic, vaccines, and ties to murky global group CFR revealed.

Millionaire Glenn Youngkin republican nominee for Virginia was co-chief executive of the Carlyle group a Washington-based private equity giant. In this video we show the similarities of CFR h1n1 vaccine statements in contrast to CFR member Glenn Youngkin more recent comments about the 2020 COIVD-19 pandemic. Alex Jones on the previous h1n1 crisis and his reaction to CFR labeling people who widely rejected the h1n1 vaccinations as “anti-vaxers.” As candidate Youngkin comes

Nominees Speak at Candidate Forum 2021 VA primary.

Republican nominee sen. Amanda Chase got the most crowd response from roughly 100 conservative voters viewing the forum live. “The first thing I would do is completely eliminate all of the executive orders…” Chase said. Chase went on to say “the 2020 election was stolen.” "I don't do covid" Chase said. Glenn Youngkin swings at republicans. “What the Republican Party has done for the last 12 years is figure out how to loose” said Youngkin. Then he goes on to lecture the crow

Native Virginia plant life may be the Pharmacy of our Future

Mother nature has a way of providing what we need to survive in plant form. It has been stated by many that for every ailment humans and animals suffer from, there is a plant that can cure it. The more I study about human health and its correlation with horticulture the more these claims seem to ring true. Also the more I study and look into the different varieties of plants available in this particular region, the more I realize that instead of looking for a pharmaceutical

Chase's statement on Derek Chauvin verdict "today’s verdict makes me sick.”

Video - Candidate Amanda chases recent controversial moments including her statement on Derek Chauvin Verdict. Virginia Republican state Sen. Amanda Chase is no stranger to making provocative statements, and comments she made this week related to the Derek Chauvin murder trial have once again stirred up controversy. In response to the trial verdict Chase gave the following statement: “Friends, today’s verdict makes me sick,” state Sen. Amanda F. Chase (Chesterfield) told a ga

Natural Bridge the 8th wonder of the world?

More than 239 years ago, King George III granted 157 acres of this Shenandoah Valley land to Thomas Jefferson for 20 shillings. Today, the landmark Virginia Natural Bridge north of Roanoke has grown in scope and prestige alongside America itself. Bidders will have a chance to own this slice of history on December 18, 2013 in an on-site auction by Woltz & Associates. Millions have visited the wondrous 20-story limestone arch that spans 20 feet over Cedar Creek. Natural Bridge,

Deadlines by county for delegates in Virginia gubernatorial election.

Campaigners for all parties are hitting the streets, local political rallys, events, and even shopping centers asking the voters to sign up to be a delegate in VA primary. Due to coronavirus crowd-size restrictions, the 2021 Virginia Republican convention will be an unassembled convention held across 37 satellite locations. Unlike previous conventions in the state, there will be no limit on how many delegates can cast votes, which will be weighted according to the number of d

Candidate Glenn Youngkin, A Bad choice for Virginia Governor?

Yungkin has a murky past as co-CEO of the CarlyleGroup which on record was matching donations to the SPLC. Yet, Glenn Youngkin claims to be a conservative. With The Carlyle Groups ties to Hillary Clinton as paid speaker earning 350,000 in payouts. The Youngkin campaigns conservative angle is less and less beleivable. Then a potential conflict of interest with the VRS (The Virginia Retirement System) invested 1billion in the groups fund and the fact the Governor appoints the

Rap Legend and Actor DMX Suffers Heart Attack dies at 50.

DMX, the New York rapper behind such iconic songs as "Party Up (Up in Here)" and "X Gon' Give It to Ya" and the star of action movies Exit Wounds, Cradle 2 the Grave and Romeo Must Die, died Friday. He was 50. #DMX, whos real name is Earl Simmons, spent a week in the ICU after suffering from a massive heart attack. Early reports speculated that DMX's condition may have been brought about because of an alleged drug overdose. But the news blog #MTONews spoke with a member of t

Gov. Northam endorses McAuliffe in Virginia governor primary.

“While our Commonwealth has faced the most severe pandemic in our lifetimes this past year, I am so proud of the work we have done to turn the corner and bring Virginia into recovery,” Northam said in a statement. “The longer-term impacts of this pandemic, however, will be around long after I leave office, and it’s critical that our next governor has the plans and experience to continue the fight to rebuild Virginia into a stronger, more equitable future. That’s why I am so p


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