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Arizona Audits 2020 Presidential Election Results

All eyes are on Maricopa County Arizona this week, as tight security, overseers and lawyers gathered away from the press where there is an audit taking place. This audit is one of a kind and will very likely help to shape the truth to the unclear speculation and allegations we saw  during last years 2021  Presidential Election. What am I referring too? The allegations against Dominion Voting Systems claimed by Republicans & Trump supporters was that the election was stolen by

Candidate Glenn Youngkin, A Bad choice for Virginia Governor?

Yungkin has a murky past as co-CEO of the CarlyleGroup which on record was matching donations to the SPLC. Yet, Glenn Youngkin claims to be a conservative. With The Carlyle Groups ties to Hillary Clinton as paid speaker earning 350,000 in payouts. The Youngkin campaigns conservative angle is less and less beleivable. Then a potential conflict of interest with the VRS (The Virginia Retirement System) invested 1billion in the groups fund and the fact the Governor appoints the


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