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Kurt Santini reflects on VA Gov. primary run and loss 2021 [WATCH]

Veteran Kurt Santini post game recap about his experience running as a candidate in the #virginia gubernatorial race and his loss with Glenn Younkin securing the republican nomination. Neptune's Holding Cell gets the debrief and Kurts view on some controversial topics. Everything from internet censorship, to cannabis, and conspiracy theories. #podcast #podcastlife #podcastshow #politics #conservative #trends #virginia

[Watch] Glenn Youngkin shills pandemic, vaccines, and ties to murky global group CFR revealed.

Millionaire Glenn Youngkin republican nominee for Virginia was co-chief executive of the Carlyle group a Washington-based private equity giant. In this video we show the similarities of CFR h1n1 vaccine statements in contrast to CFR member Glenn Youngkin more recent comments about the 2020 COIVD-19 pandemic. Alex Jones on the previous h1n1 crisis and his reaction to CFR labeling people who widely rejected the h1n1 vaccinations as “anti-vaxers.” As candidate Youngkin comes


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